Settlement Services

Every property transaction has different conditions and needs to be carefully reviewed before finalising any paperwork. We understand the amount of stress involved for buying or selling a property. We handle the entire process from start to finish, leaving absolutely no details to chance.


Here is a brief overview of the settlement services we can assist with.



Buying or selling a home is rarely a straightforward process. Whether you are thinking of buying a property on the market or selling one, we can assist you. This includes preparing all the necessary documents and submitting the proper paperwork.


First Home Buyers

Buying a home is a major milestone, but the process can be overwhelming for those new to the market. We can assist in every aspect of the transaction


Commercial & Industrial

Buying or selling a commercial establishment? Our professionals also assist with the conveyancing process.


Vacant Land

Our settlement services are available for vacant land as well as for Survey Strata properties or new subdivisions. Whether you are buying or selling land, it is strongly advised to get in touch with a licensed conveyancer. We closely examine all the details to ensure a smooth land transfer.


Private sales

A sell is private between a seller and a buyer when there is no real estate agent involved in the transaction. In these situations, we can help you complete the offer and prepare the Contract of Sale


One4 Conveyancing is committed to providing high standards of service with custom tailored solutions. Even for a seemingly straightforward deal, property transactions are a complex process. You need an experienced conveyancer to protect your interests at all times.

Additional services we provide for our clients include:

Title Searches

This process involves retrieving the necessary documents that concern the property in question. Title searches are primarily done to evaluate any restrictions or liens that exist. We can assist with this process whether for a residential or commercial property.


Subdivision Applications

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for the approval of these applications in the state. Applications must be correctly filled out with the relevant details. Our professionals can lead you through the entire process and answer any of your questions.


Change of Names

Changing names on a Certificate of Title is a complicated process with a number of steps involved. To complete this process, certain documents need to be properly filled out and submitted. We assist with the entire process and ensure the correct forms are lodged.


Deceased Estate Transfer

Treating assets in the deceased estate is a highly complicated process, especially for property owned as a joint tenant. In this situation you need expert advice to handle the situation appropriately. Our professionals are on hand to answer your questions and get the process started.


We recognise that every situation is different. Whether you are buying your first property or selling a commercial establishment, we provide personalised services to assist with the property settlement process. Our professionals have extensive experience to ensure a smooth transaction throughout each step.