Why choose a Settlement Agent?

Conveyancing is a complex and time consuming business with many traps for the unwary.  Choose your Settlement Agent as you would your Doctor, Banker, Accountant or any other professional that you require to look after your individual needs.  SETTLEMENT AGENTS ARE EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELD.


A Settlement Agent is a trained and qualified professional who holds a licence under the Settlement Agents Act 1981 and is engaged to facilitate the transfer of legal ownership.  This process is known as conveyancing.


In order to carry on business as a Settlement Agent in Western Australia there is a requirement to be licenced and hold a current Triennial Certificate granted by the Department of Consumer Protection.  The licencing system administered ensures only suitably qualified people are allowed to operate in the settlement industry.


To be granted a licence, there is a requirement to have met certain qualifications, experience and be a person of good character and repute.  The licencing framework also includes holding professional indemnity insurance and to participate in continuing (annual) compulsory professional development (CPD Program).


The CPD Program is designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professionalism within the settlement industry and ensure Settlement Agents are operating in line with the most up to date information and practices.  The aim of the program is to increase consumer protection and promote consumer confidence in the settlement industry.



Am I required to appoint the settlement agent that the Real Estate Agent recommends?

No. The choice of settlement agent is yours. You have the right to nominate any settlement agent you like.


The best time to think about choosing a settlement agent is when you decide to sell or start looking at properties to purchase. Choosing a settlement agent at this point can assist you with making sure the time frames written on the contract are realistic.


You have a choice in the delivery of conveyancing services and there are benefits to be reaped by choosing a specialist.


We welcome you to contact us for further discussion regarding your needs.



Do I have to pay stamp duty?

Stamp duty is only paid when purchasing a property. The amount varies depending on the purchase price


Please click on the below link provided by the Office of State Revenue to calculate the stamp duty





How long does it take for finance approval?

Generally the time frame given for finance approval is either 21 or 28 days from date of signing the contract. However this can be negotiated between the seller and purchaser to meet all parties requirements


From this point settlement date is generally 21 or 28 days from the date of finance approval, however again it can be negotiated between all parties


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.